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Block Friday

Block Friday Restructuring

Happy Block Friday, again! So glad to have you here, and I hope you are enjoying the Block Friday patterns. This week I’ve released another free pattern (Lover’s TIff) and after you read this post you’ll know exactly how to get it! I mentioned in last week’s post that I was toying with the idea of restructuring the way I was releasing the patterns, and I finally made a few decisions.

So, today’s post is just a quick update to keep you informed.(Don’t worry, the Block Friday patterns will continue to be released every Friday.) Hopefully, the things that change are going to be things that will make it easier for you!

  • First, every Friday you can find the new block pattern at the bottom of the BLOCK FRIDAY GALLERY page. I decided that this made more sense in the long run for several reasons. Also, with the blocks all in one spot, I think it makes it easier for new visitors to find all the blocks and catch up with us.  So, each week you can simply go to the Gallery and click on the latest block to get the download. Just so you know, you can always access the Gallery page via the top navigation. If you place your mouse over “QUILT BLOCK LIBRARY” you will notice that the gallery is listed in the sub-navigation below.
  • Second, I’ve decided to leave the free versions of the patterns live on the site for a longer period. Instead of 24 hours, they will be available for a much longer period. I haven’t decided exactly how long they will stay free, but they will be there for at least several months. So, if you missed one, now’s your opportunity to grab it.
  • The last bit of this announcement (and saddest part to me) is that the Instagram contest needs to be put on hold….at least for a while. Maybe later in the year, it will make more sense. But I still encourage you to post pictures of your blocks on Instagram using the hashtag #STQ_BlockFriday. I’m following this hashtag, and nothing would make me happier than to see a block you make with one of the Block Friday patterns.


Method to my madness

One of the goals of this website is to be a resource for quilters on quilt design, with lots of information about different quilt blocks. The site doesn’t accomplish that goal if no one knows about the site and how to use the Block Library. So the method to my madness is really to get the word out. The hope is that the free patterns will attract more quilters to the site. And the longer they stay free, hopefully, the more quilters will find the Block Library.

Finally, I have a favor to ask you.  If you believe that this website has information that other quilting friends will find useful, please tell them. Help me get the word out. In this day and age, there are lots of ways you can do this. Pick the method that you’re most comfortable with—whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, pinning one of my images to Pinterest, an email to your sewing group or Guild or just a call or text to a friend letting them know to check out this website. Any tweet, like or word of mouth is greatly appreciated.

So, don’t forget to grab this week’s free pattern, and as always,

Happy Quilting!