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Bouquet Quilt Block Pattern | A Flower Basket Quilt Block

Hello again! This week, I’m sharing a simple but lovely flower basket block called the Bouquet Quilt Block Pattern.

But first, a little housekeeping:

  • This will be the last “Pre” Block Friday pattern I share this year. But don’t fret….
  • After a break to celebrate Christmas with my family, I will be back with another post on December 29th. That post will reveal some setting options I am developing for use with the Block Friday blocks.
  • Don’t forget: All of the “Pre” Block Friday patterns that were released during November and December will lose their free status when Block Friday officially goes “live” on January 5th. If you haven’t downloaded the patterns yet, be sure to do so before 5 January 2018!
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The Bouquet Quilt Block Pattern:

The “Pre” Block Friday block this week is the Bouquet Quilt Block Pattern.  This is a block that I have always found attractive. It is clean and simple with a nice symmetry to it.

As far as the history of this block goes, I don’t know much.  The first time I remember seeing the block was in Laurie Aaron Hird’s book  “The Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt.” According to her, all the blocks in this book were in use by the 1920’s.

Laurie Aaron Hird's book "The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt"
Laurie Aaron Hird’s book “The Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt”

Traditional templates would have required the use of Y seams. Laurie’s version avoids them by splitting the side triangles in half. She also uses parallelograms which are a bit trickier to explain how to cut.

I decided to write the pattern using half square triangles instead of the parallelograms.  This makes the cutting straightforward and still avoids the use of Y seams.

Image of Exploded version of the Bouquet Quilt Block Pattern
Exploded version of the Bouquet Quilt Block


Of course, the first step is to sew the HSTs into squares, however, you will not sew those three “lonely” triangles in the center just yet. (“Lonely” triangles are the small blue and green triangles and the large dark triangle).The trick to putting this girl together is to first sew the 4-patch square in the upper left corner. Next sew those “lonely” HSTs to the side of the adjacent HST, forming a parallelogram. Make sense?

It’s a little hard to explain in words, so here is a quick video that puts it all together for you:

There you have it! Here is the download link to the pattern:


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I hope you enjoy making this block, and I hope everyone has a peaceful and joy-fill holiday!

Happy Quilting!


Happy Quilting!