Binding Calculations

Time to compute some Binding Calculations?

Below is a handy calculator to help you figure out how much quilt binding you need to prepare and how much fabric it will take to make it.

The calculator works in inches or centimeters...just select which one you want, then plug in your numbers! Your answer will be given in whichever unit of measurement you indicate (inches or centimeters).

Binding Calculator


Some important tips on quilt binding:

  • Straight Grain Binding is intended for quilts with straight edges.
  • You can use Bias Grain Binding on any quilt, but you MUST use it if your quilt has scallops or any curved edges. Bias binding will have the stretchiness you will need to go around those curves.  A good thing to know about Bias Binding is that it is considered to be more durable than straight grain binding.
  • If you are binding scalloped edges, be sure to measure along the scalloped edges for your length and width instead of just straight through the quilt so that you will get a more accurate measurement.

A nifty notion: 

If you are making scalloped edges, this little tool by Quilt in a Day is great at helping you figure out how to measure and cut your scallops so they turn out even on all sides.

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For an in-depth primer on fabric grain, check out this blog post.

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