Quilting Classes and Educational Offerings

Below are workshop and lecture ideas for groups and guilds that I am prepared to present.

NOTE: If you are looking for general quilting knowledge, I invite you to check out the Quilt Block Pattern Library and the Quilting Info sections of the website.

Skill-building classes are intended for small groups over the course of several weeks. These work best in local settings such as homeschool groups and community center classes. 

  • Introduction to simple quiltmaking – This class is for the novice who wants to make a simple quilt to test the waters and see if quilting is right for them. Classes are divided into four 2.5 hour sessions. The first class covers basic tools and rotary cutting, reading a pattern and sewing a simple block using a quarter-inch seam. In the second class, students will continue their patchwork skills by learning how to assemble blocks in rows and how to attach a simple border. In the third class, students will sandwich their quilt and learn “stitch in the ditch” quilting. And in the final class, students will trim and bind their quilt. (Fee: $100 per student)
  • Basic Quilting Units – Almost all quilts are designed around 1 or more of the 7 fundamental building blocks (units) of quilting. This class introduces beginning quilters to these fundamental units and shows them how to make each unit precisely so they can approach any quilt block pattern with confidence. As time allows, various tools and techniques are introduced to help each student find a technique that gives them the best results. This class is designed to be an 4-week class, with each class lasting approximately one hour and covering two of the basic units. The final class will discuss how to put them all together. (Fee: $100 per student)
  • Block classesAnother option are are 2-3 hour workshops that walk the participants through how to make any one of the quilt blocks in the Scissortail Quilting Quilt Block Library. Program coordinators simply pick the block their group wants to learn and make. The focus is on accuracy and tips for making the blocks efficiently. (Fee: $30 per student)

Project classes are designed for a 6-hour format with a quick lunch break. I am prepared to present workshops for any of the patterns in my shop. Below are classes I have taught in the past. (Fee for Workshops: $45 per person)

  • DIY Tshirt Quilt
  • Raggi T-shirt Quilt
  • Oklahoma Foxtrot Quilt
  • Crosshatch Quilt
  • Flutterby Quilt
  • LeMoyne Star Pillow
  • Big Stitch Quilting
  • Bind It Better Class

Lectures typically run about 45 minutes but can be tailored to the timeframe that is available. Below are lectures I have prepared for presenting to quilt guilds. (Lecture fee is $250 plus travel expenses.

  • Finishing Strong – Getting great results in the last steps of the quiltmaking process. This class will help you get the perfect finish to your quilt. We discuss different types of binding strips and will focus on different binding techniques (including machine binding methods). We learn how to get perfectly square corners, a perfect miter in a corner and how to bind quilts that are curved or have odd angles.
  • Color Strategies for Quilters – Most quilters know about the color wheel, but this class trains students to use it so they can produce the most striking quilts ever. Special emphasis is given on how to evaluate and utilize scraps to incorporate them into designs.
  • Design Strategies for Quilters – Anyone can copycat a pattern using the same colors and fabrics as the original pattern design. But if you’re ready to make a quilt pattern your own, this class will arm you with several “design recipes” to make the process enjoyable and help you identify “design dilemnas” before they happen.
  • A Quilter’s Guide to Organization – Organizing your sewing space, your fabric stash and your scraps is not a “one size fits all” proposition. Whether your space is large or small, this humorous lecture will present overarching principles, guidelines and strategies you can put into practice immediately to make your sewing space work better for you.

Guilds & Quilt Shop Owners:
I am always happy to prepare a customized skill or project-based class for your group or present a talk on various design topics at your suggestion. Please reach out to me through the Contact Form on this site.