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Baby Quilt Inspiration

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In my last post I announced that I am giving away a Baby Quilt as a promotion during the JBF Tulsa Sales Event.  It’s almost finished, but I’m not quite ready to completely reveal it.  (It’s still waiting on the binding.)

In the meantime, I thought I’d link you up to my inspiration.  Last year I read the book “Sunday Morning Quilts”  written by Amanda Jean Nyberg of Crazy Mom Quilts and Cheryl Arkinson of Dining Room Empire. I highly recommend the book, and you can purchase it by clicking the link below. (Disclaimer: this is an affiliate link and I do make commissions if you make a purchase at Amazon using this link.)


Many of the quilts in the book caught my eye, but one in particular made it to my Quilting Bucket List (which I hope to share in a future post.)

Amanda Jean’s “Ticker Tape” quilt just seemed like it would be so much fun to make.  You can see it at the link below.

Ticker Tape Quilt

I loved how very tactile it is.  I immediately knew it was perfect for a baby quilt. And then my mind went off on all kinds of tangents –  A definite sign that something is really good design inspiration.

So, I’ve had this quilt in mind for quite a long time.  And, yes, it was a lot of fun to make!  Of course, since I’m hard wired to do things my own way, by the time I finished, my little quilt was definitely my own.  But I’m quite proud of it and can’t wait for everyone to see.

Happy Quilting!


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