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June 2018 Quilting Roundup – A bird’s eye view of what’s up in quilting

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Hello Quilting friends! And thanks for stopping by! Today, I want to share some goodies I’ve found around the quilter-net this month that I have found inspiring. This post contains lots of Quilting News with links to other websites. You can choose to pop in on those that interest you. Or not. Just soak it all in, see if any of it interests you. Feel free to leave thoughts and opinions in the comments section below! I’m curious to know what you guys think!

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Midnight Quilter:

Most of you probably already know about Angela Walter’s hit YouTube channel, but if not, you can check it out here.

I. am. addicted.

I also just purchased several of Angela’s new quilting rulers, and I intend to play with them during my vacation. (I promise to send pictures!) Here are the ones I just purchased, and I hear that a few more rulers are coming out soon!

New Fabric Releases:

Nothing beats the summer heat like sewing Christmas fabrics. (And Autumn fabrics, too!) It’s a good thing that lots of Halloween and Christmas fabrics are set for release in July.

If you’re a Fig Tree & Company fan, Joanna’s Christmas Figs collection is expected to hit the shelves any day!

Christmas Figs collection by Fig Tree
Christmas Figs collection by Fig Tree

Below are a few other Christmas fabrics set to be released in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for these:

Good Tidings by Brenda Riddle
Good Tidings by Brenda Riddle
A Walk in the Woods by Whistler Studio/Windham Fabrics
A Walk in the Woods by Whistler Studio/Windham Fabrics

As I mentioned last month, the much anticipated Autumn Love by Lori Holt for Riley Blake Designs is set for release in July. (Click the link to view her storyboard/lookbook.) I’m just loving this one and can’t wait to get my hands on some!)

If you’re eager to get your hands on some Halloween fabrics, Moda is releasing two adorable lines next month:

Preview image of Dot Dot Boo fabric line
Dot Dot Boo by Me and My Sister
Preview image of Bewitching by Deb Strain
Bewitching by Deb Strain

For those of you who want some good old basics to add to your stash, Moda is adding Grunge Stars to their line. (These would be adorable backgrounds in any Christmas or Halloween quilt.)

Moda Grunge Seeing Stars

And finally, the fabric I am most excited about is Moda’s Gradients line.  These are just lush, with almost a batik look to them. If you really like to play with color, these fabrics are going to be a great addition to your palette.

Gradients by Moda

Some Free Patterns:

This is an ingenious little block called the Sweet Treat block, which would look adorable in a Halloween Quilt. Check out the tutorial and free pattern at the Polka Dotted Chair’s blog.

Illustration of Sweet Treat Quilt Block
Sweet Treat Quilt Block

My new favorite notion:

I’ve been trying out the new Olfa Endurance Rotary blades this past month and so far I’m loving them. I’ve put the 45mm size one through the ringer: it has cut two quilts and three bags of t-shirts for a custom client and still going strong. (Unfortunately, I wish I could say the same for my mat….I’m thinking it’s gonna need replaced soon.)  If you want to try the new Olfa blades out, here is the link on Amazon:


Some Fashion news…

Apparently, the quilt trend is now hitting the runways. (We knew we were on to something, didn’t we???) Quilt themes – be it graphic designs featuring quilt blocks, geometrically pieced garments or actual quilted fabrics – is big in fashion this year. That revelation made me feel quite hip because last month I purchased this linen tunic by John Mark. I love it, but sometimes worry that it looks like I’m wearing a quilt. (Not that there’s ANYTHING wrong with THAT!)

Photo of linen blouse with patchwork design
From a quilter’s wardrobe

You can check out the latest fashion trends from this NY Times article or the Vogue runway. While I dearly love quilts, most of what I saw here was not my style. Just sayin’.

PSST! Did you know this?

So, actually this is last month’s news, but I just saw this last week:

Kelly Clarkson is a quilter!

Who knew? Although I always felt in my heart of hearts that she had it together.

She’s been making quilts for her fellow coaches on the voice, and it made my heart so proud to see these pictures! You can see her creations in this post from the Today Show.

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