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Notion of the Month: Sewline Marking Pencil Gift Case

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Happy November, friends and fellow quilters! This month’s notion of the month is the Sewline Marking Utensil Gift Set.

A new month means it’s time to review a new quilting notion, and this one is fantastic.  Actually, to me it’s indispensable.

My absolute favorite line of marking tools is the Sewline brand. I’ve been using Sewline marking tools for several years now and they are definitely my “go to” marking utensil.

Here are some of the their advantages :

  1. They make sharp, clean lines
  2. Sewline marks erase easily
  3. They come in a variety of lead colors: blue, black, yellow, and white
  4. I’ve never had issues with them staining or marring my fabrics.
  5. The leads are super sturdy and do not break on me.  (I don’t know about you, but with other marking pencils I’ve had problems with the lead frequently breaking.  This is a huge pet peeve of mine because having to stop to resharpen the lead over and over causes me to lose precious time. None of that with the Sewline pencils.)
  6. They are pretty. (A high priority!) and their pink and while color makes them really easy for me to find when my sewing room turns into a huge mess!

I will have to say that the downside is that they are not exactly cheap.  But this month’s Notion of the Month is a GIFT SET, which combines four Sewline products into a nifty, pretty, pink storage container.  Buying them in the set like this will save you a little money and the storage case will help keep your creative space organized.

Below is an affiliate link to Amazon where you can purchase the item:

( Disclosure: I do get a small commission off any sales you make at Amazon when you click this link.)


So, head on over to Amazon and pick one up for yourself, and while you’re at it, you may want to grab a few for any quilters you might have on your gift list! Christmas is right around the corner!

Happy Quilting!



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