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Product Review: Bo-Nash Iron Clean

Hello everyone!

Today I am back with a quick product review of a fairly new product called “Bo-Nash Iron Clean.” In much of my work I apply fusible interfacing to stabilize fabrics, and as careful as I try to be, I still end up with glues on my iron.

For many years I have been a big believer in Faultless Iron Cleaner (see my product recommendation page) but I recently noticed a new product on the scene and thought I would try it out. I quickly ordered the Bo-Nash Iron Clean to give it a whirl.

A 1-star rating

If I were to give it a rating by stars, it would only get one star. And that’s a stretch. Ordinarily, I would not bother to post a review of a product that didn’t impress me. But in this case, I felt so scammed by this product, I felt a moral obligation to tell others.

First, my initial impression was that I had just paid for overpriced dryer sheets.

Second, after many tries, the product did NOT remove the glue from my iron.

Now, it is very likely I didn’t understand how to use the product. I went back and read the directions again to make sure I was using the product exactly as instructed. I tried the process again. Still, the glue remained.

Typically, I am an early adopter and love trying anything new that might make my quilting life better. I am not one to be negative about new products. So, I am sad to report that I was not impressed with this product, and this is totally out of character for me. If anyone out there has tried the product and had a different experience, I’d love to hear about it.

Bottom line: I still recommend Faultless Iron Cleaner. However, I do have one word of warning. Faultless has come out with new black packaging instead of the blue packaging used in the past. When I bought this recently, I assumed they had simply changed the packaging. But I think they may have actually changed the formula, as there was a warning on the package that it could cause respiratory irritation. I don’t recall seeing that in the past. I have ordered some more with the old packaging and will update this post if the old formula came with a warning as well.

The Faultless cleaned my iron up in a snap, but I did make sure my windows were wide open in order to have good air circulation.

Here is my workaround

I keep two irons in my workroom – one for using on fusibles and applique and one that is strictly for patchwork (no fusible allowed!) I try to not clean the iron until it gets so grungy that I can’t stand it any longer, and in the future I am going outside to my porch to do the job in order to avoid the fumes.

That’s all for now! Happy quilting! And may your iron always stay clean!


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