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Some Changes Goin’ On

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I’ve spent the past few weeks doing a little remodeling around this little website. After several years of neglect, it was desperately needing some TLC. Apologies up front to anyone who ran into some broken links or unfinished post threads.

The truth is I would rather quilt than run a website. I bet you can relate. 😉

But I sprained my ankle this week. Since sewing was out, I thought it might be a good use of my time to review the website. And wow – about 40 hours later my todo list still keeps growing. It’s like the rabbit hole I knew I shouldn’t go down. There is just no end in sight! So much to clean up… 🧹

A quilting metamorphosis

One thing that became crystal clear as I reviewed old posts from 7 years ago … my focus has changed quite a bit in my quilting. We are always evolving, aren’t we? Or at least we should be, I think. Someone once told me that if you aren’t growing, you’re dying.

As I’ve reviewed pages, I’ve realized that I’ve moved away from some of the products that I loved 5 years ago. I’ve gotten simpler, trimmed the fat, culled out the fluff. But there are still some things that are workhorses in my sewing room and I heartily recommend them. (Be sure to check out my refreshed production recommendation list.)

After dabbling with some more modern aesthetics, I think I’ve sort of come out of my quilting cocoon. Those projects were fun and they challenged me, but then I would go “What do I do with it?” So, I’ve moved back into doing projects that I truly love, not just the project bandwagon. I’m focusing on making things that work well with my home, for those that I love, but I still enjoy doing something that will challenge my skill level.

In the metamorphosis, I realized that at my core I’m just a traditional girl. I love the classics. This has also reinforced that scrappiness is my happiness. When it comes to fabrics – the more the merrier. Oh, yeah!

What is changing?

Over the next few weeks more changes will be coming to this website. Some of it you might not notice — like slightly faster load times, fixing annoying behind-the-scenes problems, making Google happier — but other changes will be more obvious. I plan to add more product reviews, update my tips and tricks page, and I hope to write some posts that more accurately reflect where I’m at on my quilting journey.

I’m also weighing my options for some changes to the Quilt Block Library. You may have noticed a little survey widget when you arrived on the site. I’m trying to figure out if I should alter my block and quilt patterns so they are Accuquilt Friendly, so that’s why I’m asking everyone to let me know if they are an Accuquilt user.

Note: If you have a popup blocker installed in your browser the survey might not appear, so if you can’t see the popup, please send me an email through my contact form.

So, if you haven’t already responded to the survey, please take 15 seconds to type a yes or a no in that little blank. It would really help me out!

See ya soon!


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