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My Modern Rectangles Quilt: A Finish from 2012

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Welcome, friends and fellow quilters! Today’s post is just a quick recap of a quilt I finished about 6 years ago that I called “Modern Rectangles.” Orginal name, huh? While the name isn’t terribly original, I was kind of proud of this quilt because it’s the first quilt I had ever made where I didn’t actually use a pattern. I had seen a similar quilt in a magazine and decided to try my hand at adapting it to suit the style of my oldest son. I think I can safely say that this is the quilt that helped me realize that I had been bitten by the quilt design bug. While I still enjoy making patterns from other quilt designers, I realized that it was really rewarding for me to make something more my own.

So, without blabbering on too much about it, here are a few photos:


I pulled together a lot of fabrics with blues, browns and golds/yellows, which were some of my son’s favorite colors. Many of the fabrics were from P&B Textile’s line by Norman Wyatt. I can’t remember the name of the line but it drew a lot of its design from nature, which I knew our son would appreciate. The trickiest part to the whole thing was calculating that thin border so that it laid on the bed correctly.

(I apologize that these photos are not the best…)

photo of Modern Rectangles Quilt
Modern Rectangles Quilt

For the back, I added another row of the rectangle blocks:

Photo of backside of modern rectangles quilt
Backing for Modern Rectangles Quilt

I quilted this one myself on my home machine, using a random abstract linear design. Ordinarily, I send quilts off to be quilted by a “professional” but when my son heard me say that I was having someone else quilt it he gave me this horrified look and said, “You mean you’re not going to make all of it yourself?” My heart sunk, knowing he really wanted it to all come from my hands, and so there was nothing else to do but sandwich it and put in on my machine. It was only the third quilt I had ever “self-quilted” so please don’t be too critical.

Closeup Photo of Quilt showing the quilting
Closeup Photo of Quilt showing the quilting

Here is the whole shebang, complete with top of son’s head peeking out from behind. I thought the striped binding framed the design really well.

Photo of Modern Rectangle quilt
Modern Rectangle Quilt


So, this quilt was made 6 years ago, and unfortunately, it doesn’t fit the mattress he has now. A replacement quilt is in the works, and I will tell you all about that in my next post.

Thanks for letting me share!


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