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There is a reason my fabric pile is getting out of control and it can be summed up like this:  Too many quilts, too little time.

Lots of quilters joke about having more fabric than can sew up in a lifetime.  Despite my good intentions the ever growing stash of fabric in my sewing room is proof that I’m dangerously close to saying that, too.

So, in case my number comes up before all that fabric gets used, I thought I’d share my lists so that family and loved ones will know what was supposed to happen with all that stuff.

List #1: Works in Progress

  1. A pixelated quilt. (This one actually just moved up from List #3)   A while back I saw a quilt in a book that had pixelated an ampersand using larger squares, and I’ve wanted to make one like it for a LONG time. My new job (where I’m working primarily with text and typography) lit the fire under me.  My work area there desperately needs some color. Hopefully, it will be completed by week’s end & I can hang it in my cubicle!IMG_0638
  2. Farmer’s Wife Quilt.  This quilt has 111 blocks.  I’ve made 44 and 26 of them are cut and ready to sew.  This is an old photo, but you get the idea….lots of 6″ blocks with tiny pieces.IMG_0494
  3. 2nd Saturday Block of the Month (BOM).  Can you see a trend?  Obviously I’m addicted to wild and scrappy…IMG_0615
  4. Journey to Jericho Quilt (BOM with Biblical symbolism).  I already posted about the Tree of Life block. Below is the Jacob’s Ladder block.  I’m loving the fabrics on this one, but I think I will probably remake this block, as I wasn’t happy with how the reds in the browns landed in the design.IMG_0604
  5. My newest pattern, which I’m calling “Mimosa.”  Let’s just say it’s what you get when you mix Orange Peel with Drunkard’s Path.  Sorry.  No pics until the big reveal.
  6. Bunny Hill Christmas Cars lap quilt.  (Sorry no pics…it’s mostly hand embroidery, and I need a trip to get me back in the groove.)
  7. Woodland Santa Wall Hanging using a pattern I bought at the Edmond Quilt Show. I’m about 1/3rd of the way there, but it has a huge goof up on it.  I’m waiting for artistic inspiration to strike so I’ll know how to disguise it.  Don’t they say that the best art always happens from mistakes?

List #2: In Queue (Kits or supplies ready and waiting to go)

  1. Gypsy Wife Quilt. This one will soon move up to List #1!  My stitch group starts a Gypsy Wife Stitch-along in two weeks.  I can hardly wait to cut into these fabrics!)IMG_0612
  2. Hexagon Quilts (One is cut and ready to go, I have 30’s fabric for a 2nd version, and I’m pretty sure that  I’m making the one pictured below for my niece’s graduation, but that could change.)IMG_0542
  3. Tiny Tumbler Quilt
  4. Bertie’s Winter Applique Wall Hanging
  5. Backyard Birds quilt
  6. Plus – a plastic bin labeled “Kits” containing numerous projects ready to go.
  7. Baby & Charity Quilts – I keep a box of fabric cut to make quick baby quilts, and a charity kit is also always on hand.  I try to get one of these done every month but I don’t currently have one in the works.

List #3:  The (Partial) Bucket List

  1. Another pixelated quilt, but of a more detailed design…I’m thinking of recreating a photo of our dearly departed Freckles.
  2. Sunbonnet Sue quilt (out of 30’s fabric).  We had one growing up that has long gone, and I want to recreate one like what I remember.
  3. Lone Star Quilt
  4. Art/Scenic Quilt
  5. There’s more…but this post is getting way too long!

So, there you have it!   I will try to keep everyone updated with my progress, and hopefully some of these will move into the “Done!” pile pretty soon and I’ll get to some of the projects that are lining up on me!

Happy Quilting!


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