How to Bind a Quilt

Welcome to my tutorial page on Quilt Binding Techniques, where I've gathered up all of my posts on quilt binding so they are in one handy place. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Quilt Binding Tutorials

  • All about Quilt Binding

    This blog post is the introductory post that explains what quilt binding is and its purpose.

  • How to make quilt binding

    Learn about different ways to make quilt binding and learn how to decide which type of binding strip is best for your quilt or project.

  • How to trim a quilt before binding it

    A step-by-step instruction guide for how to get your quilt ready for binding

  • The traditional method for attaching quilt binding to your quilt

    This tutorial walks you through how to attach french fold binding to the front side of your quilt.

  • How to Hand Sew your binding on the back side of your quilt

    If you're new to hand sewing, this post will walk you through how to stitch that binding so no one ever sees your stitches.

  • Alternative (and Quick) methods for machine binding your quilt

    Coming soon! This post will cover some machine only methods (no hand sewing required) for binding quilts. These methods are great options for baby quilts, placemats and quick projects.

  • All About Binding Handout (PDF)

    This is the reference handout given in my binding classes.

  • Check out the Binding Calculator

    Tired of quilt math? Use this handy calculator to help you with the calculations needed to make your binding.

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