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Category: Quilt Block Patterns

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Battleground Quilt Block

Skill Level: Confident Beginner

The Battleground Quilt Block is basically just the half square triangle on steriods! It's a great way to use up leftover half square triangles that are produced when you use the quick corner method to make flying geese, square in a square units or snowballs.

Obviously, it produces a great looking scrappy quilt.

Grouping Example

Grouping of battlefield quilt blocks arranged in a quilt.

Block Construction

Exploded illustration of the battleground quilt block

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Baby Basket Quilt Block

Block Construction

Skill level: Intermediate

Image of Exploded version of Baby Basket Quilt Block

Coloring Sheets

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String Quilt Block

Skill level: Easy

The String Quilt block is a type of block created with strings or long scraps of fabric using the foundation or paper piecing method. Several varieties of this type of block exist. Most techniques involve drawing a straight line along the diagonal of a piece of paper. An initial strip of fabric is placed along this line, then subsequent strips are sewn to each side, then pressed open. This continues until the paper is completely covered, then the excess fabric is cut off the sides to make a square block.

For complete instructions for how to make a string quilt block, click here to view the tutorial.

String quilt blocks are popular among quilters because they offer a simple way to use up scrap fabrics but also allow for interesting and dynamic designs. Careful placement of light and dark fabrics often creates a diamond design that appears along the diagonal of the block.

Below are some images for how string quilts might appear in a grouping:

Illustration of a Light/Dark String Quilt
Illustration of a colorful string quilt

Coloring Sheets

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Scotty Dog Quilt Block

Animals are popular themes in quilts. Most of us quilters are animal lovers of some kind, so it isn't surprising that the Scotty Dog Quilt Block has been a quilter favorite for many years. One of my dearest quilting buddies has a pet Scotty dog, and a few weeks back she was on the hunt for a Scotty Dog Quilt Block to use in a project. I was able to round up several varieties, and will be posting them here as I get them illustrated.

The first one is a pieced version designed in a 6x6 grid, so a 6" block can easily be drafted of this design.

Exploded version of a Scotty Dog Quilt Block

Heart Quilt Blocks

Skill level: various

This page is a collection of Heart shaped Quilt Blocks you might like to incorporate into your quilt designs.

This first Heart Quilt Block combines Half Square Triangles with Drunkard's Path blocks. These look really cute when several are placed together in a row.

Illustration of a red heart quilt block made using drunkards path quilt blocks
Exploded view of a red drunkard's path quilt block

Another version of a heart block can be made from squares and HSTs.

Exploded view of Heart Quilt Block made with patchwork
Exploded view of Patchwork Heart Quilt Block

Here is a version that uses half square triangles, a rectangle, and two flying geese units.

Illustration of a heart quilt block made with flying geese units
Exploded view of heart quilt block made with flying geese units

The above blocks are fairly simple to construct, but my favorite is this log cabin heart block, which will take much more time to piece. It would look adorable as a pillow. The central rectangle could be fussy cut from a favorite fabric or embroidered with a favorite message.

Illustration of a heart quilt block made with log cabin quilt blocks
Exploded view of a heart quilt block made with log cabin quilt units.