Rail Fence Quilt Block

Rail Fence Quilt Block

If you are looking for an easy block to make, the rail fence is my goto. I love it for making scrappy quilts that use up lots of leftover bits of fabric. Making the block is a great skill builder, too. (See my tutorial on how to improve your patchwork using the rail fence quilt block as your daily patchwork exercise.)

The Rail Fence Quilt Block is constructed using four rail units that are arranged in an alternating fashion. As explained in the Rail Unit article, a rail unit is a square consisting of two or more rectangles. The Rail Fence Quilt Block example shown on this page uses three rectangular pieces, which is the number most commonly seen.

A good example of a quilt that uses a rail fence unit is the Crosshatch Quilt Pattern:

Grouping Example

illustration of a quilt made with rail fence quilt blocks

Block Construction

Illustration of an Exploded diagram of the Rail Fence Quilt Block

Coloring Sheets

Click to download coloring sheets for the Rail Fence Quilt Block.

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