Wedding Rings Quilt Block

Wedding Rings Quilt Block

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The Wedding Rings Quilt Block is one of several quilt block designs that makes reference to the state of holy matrimony. This particular design is a little less well known than the more recognizable Double Wedding Ring Quilt Block, but is a better choice for a new quilter, as it is made up primarily of squares and half-square triangles (and doesn't have any curved seams!)
In Jinny Beyer's Quilter's Album of Patchwork Patterns, she references at least eight blocks that use "Wedding" in the name.  A few of these blocks are:
  • Double Wedding Ring
  • New Wedding Ring
  • Wedding Bouquet
  • Wedding Knot
  • Wedding Ring
  • Wedding Ring Bouquet
  • Wedding Ring Chain and
  • Wedding Ring Tile
Note: Many of the "Wedding Ring" designs referenced are similar to the popular Double Wedding Ring, varying only in size and coloring.
The Wedding Rings Quilt Block displayed on this page is often referred to as the Wedding Knot Quilt Block, and sometimes known as the Old English Wedding Ring.

Grouping Example

Grouping example of the Wedding Rings Quilt Block

Block Construction

Image of Exploded view of Wedding Rings Quilt Block
Exploded view of Wedding Rings Quilt Block

Coloring Sheets

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Block Pattern

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