Fanny’s Favorite Quilt Block

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Fanny's Favorite Quilt Block is a sweet little chain type block based on a 4x4 grid. Based on how you choose to color it, you can totally change the look. In the featured image above, I've colored the block with a range of light, medium and dark fabrics, but traditionally the block is made with a background and one color.

So, let's play with the design a bit. Here is what we get when we arrange my coloring above in straight sets. You might notice that the "chain" effect is sort of lost with this coloring, however, a little churn dash appears as a secondary pattern where the blocks intersect.

Illustration of a grouping of Fanny's Favoite Quilte Blocks

Let's try it with some more traditional colorings:

Illustration of Fanny's Favorite grouping in white and teal
Illustration of Fanny's Favorite grouping in Aqua and Gold

Block Construction

Exploded version of Fanny's Favorite Quilt Block