Tulip Lady Fingers Quilt Block

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If you like the look of the Honey Bee Quilt block, but don't like the idea of applique work, then the Tulip Lady Fingers Quilt block would be a good substitute. Like the Honey Bee, it's built on a 3x3 grid (aka nine-patch) with accents in each corner.  The central block could easily be switched out with a central nine-patch making it look even more like the Honey Bee. This block also lends itself well to fussy cutting a motif to use in that central square.

I wish I could tell you why the block was named Tulip Lady Fingers.  Granted, the corner patches do resemble tulips, but I don't see any Lady Fingers, which I thought were a long rounded cookie.   But it's a lovely block with a lovely name!

Skill level: Confident Beginner

Grouping Example

grouping illustration of tulip lady finger quilt blocks in straight rows

Block Construction

Image of Tulip LadyFingers Quilt Block Expanded
Tulip LadyFingers Quilt Block Expanded

Coloring Sheets

Click to download coloring sheets of the tulip lady fingers quilt block

Block Pattern

Click to download pattern for the Tulip Lady Fingers Quilt Block
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