Tulip Lady Fingers Quilt Block

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If you like the look of the Honey Bee Quilt block, but don't like the idea of applique work, then the Tulip Lady Fingers Quilt block would be a good substitute. Like the Honey Bee, it's built on a 3x3 grid (aka nine patch) with accents in each corner.  The central block could easily be switched out with a central nine patch making it look even more like the Honey Bee.

I wish I could tell you why the block was named Tulip Lady Fingers.  Granted, the corner patches do resemble tulips, but I don't see any Lady Fingers, which I thought were a long rounded cookie.   But it's a lovely block with a lovely name!

Skill level: Confident Beginner

Block Construction

Image of Tulip LadyFingers Quilt Block Expanded
Tulip LadyFingers Quilt Block Expanded