Bowtie Quilt Block

Skill: easy

The Bowtie Quilt Block is another block that is ideal for beginners. It is a 2×2 (4-patch) grid design in which two blocks are simple squares, but the remaining two blocks have snowball corners which touch in the middle of the design. If you are just learning how to make snowballed corners, this is a very forgiving design because you will not have to be too fussy about where you snowball points land when you make the bowtie quilt block.  In other words, if your snowball corners don’t land perfectly in the center it’s not going to make a lot of difference visually.

Grouping Example

illustration of a Grouping of bowtie quilt blocks

4×4 grouping of Bowtie Quilt Blocks arranged in alternating sets. Every other block is rotated 45 degrees.

Block Construction

Image of the Exploded version of the Bow Tie Quilt Block

Exploded version of the Bow Tie Quilt Block

Coloring Sheets

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