Bird’s Nest Quilt Block

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The Birds Nest Quilt Block is an older pattern published by Ladies Art Company (1898).

Designed around a 5x5 grid, the Bird's Nest Quilt Block is a fun block for intermediate quilters or confident beginners. It is comprised of Half-square triangles and squares set on-point. Visually it is similar to the Duck and Ducklings Quilt Block. Notice how the small squares in Duck and Ducklings have been replaced with Square-in-a square (SNS) units.

Due to the 5x5 grid, it is most practical to make this block in a 10" or 15" size.

As with most blocks, there are several ways to construct the block. One method is to use the Quick Corner method to make SNS units for the On-point squares. Another method uses cut triangles to set the squares.

Grouping Example

Illustration of a grouping of bird's nest quilt blocks

Block Construction

Skill Level: Intermediate

Image ofExploded version of the Bird's Nest Quilt Block Exploded
Exploded version of the Bird's Nest Quilt Block Exploded

Coloring Sheets

Click to download coloring sheet.