Alaska Quilt Block

Alaska Quilt Block

Skill level: Intermediate

This is one of three blocks in the Quilt Block Library that has the state of Alaska in its name. But the Alaska Quilt Block has a clear distinction from the other two Alaska blocks.

For starters, the Alaska Quilt Block is a four-patch, whereas the Alaska Territory Quilt Block and the Alaska Homestead Quilt Block are both five-patches. Its four-patch status does not necessarily mean it’s the simplest of the three blocks to construct. Actually, the Alaska Quilt Block is constructed around an 8×8 grid making it the more complex design of the three blocks. While all three Alaska blocks have a central nine-patch, the Alaska Quilt block’s contains squares, half-square triangles and quarter-square triangles that are arranged in a way that resembles an elongated X or a Batwing (similar to the Batwing Quilt Block). This makes it most similar in appearance to the Alaska Territory Quilt Block.

This is another one of those blocks that when grouped, gives you the look and feel of a block set On Point. Also, with clever color placement, you can achieve an almost three-dimensional look to the block.

Illustration of a Grouping of Alaska Quilt Blocks

Grouping of Alaska Quilt Blocks

Block Construction

Image of Exploded version of Alaska Quilt Block

Exploded version of Alaska Quilt Block

Coloring Sheets

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