Big Dipper Quilt Block

Big Dipper Quilt Block

Skill level: Confident beginner

The Big Dipper Quilt Block is an arrangement of four Quarter Square Triangles. Notice how the careful arrangement of light and dark fabrics results in a central pinwheel design.

Traditionally, the block is made from two colors of fabric, but you can still get a central pinwheel with multi-colored, scrappy choices.

Illustration of Multi-color Big Dipper Quilt Block

Grouping Example

Illustration of a grouping of Big Dipper Quilt Blocks

Block Construction

The block is constructed by first making four Quarter-square Units, then assembling those units together in a 4-patch


Exploded version of Big Dipper Quilt Block

Click the image above to download a free cutting chart
to make the Big Dipper quilt block.

Coloring Sheets

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