Four X’s Quilt Block

Skill level: Intermediate

Design Attribution: Kansas City Star, 1947

Traditionally done in red, this block was originally published as the Red Cross quilt block. Modern quilters tend to mix the colors up a bit more. The construction is identical to the Brickwork Quilt Block, however, the coloring differs.

Grouping Example

Below is an example of groupings, one using the traditional red, and the other with a multi-color approach:

Illustration of a traditional Red Four X Quilt

Done in one color the grouping looks like white and red nine patches set on point.

Illustration of a multi colored Four X Quilt

But isn’t it amazing the results from making the “x’s” in different colors? This would make a lovely quilt!

Block Construction

Illustration of Exploded view of the Four X Quilt block

Coloring Sheets

Click to download coloring sheets.

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