Swing-in-the-Center Quilt Block

Skill level: Intermediate

Design Attribution: Ladies Art Company, 1987

The Swing-in-the-center Quilt Block is an old design that still resonates with modern quilters. This particular design is also known as “Roman Pavement” or “Mrs. Roosevelt’s Favorite.” It is identical (except for the coloring) to the Dumbbell Quilt Block.

Grouping Example

A grouping of Swing-in-the-center Quilt Blocks renders an “X” design:

Illustration of a Grouping of Swing-in-the-center Quilt Blocks

A Grouping of Swing-in-the-center Quilt Blocks

Block Construction

Illustration of an exploded view of the Swing-in-the-center Quilt block

Coloring Sheets

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