May Basket Quilt Block

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Skill level: Intermediate

Making the May Basket Quilt Block involves making some simple Half Square Triangles along with a small applique block for the handle. Because there is only a little bit of applique required, this block is a great first block introduction into applique.

There are many variations of "basket quilt blocks" such as the Simple Flower basket quilt block and the Four Little Baskets quilt block. One interesting thing to note about this particular design is the unique circular illusion that is created when the blocks are rotated about a central pin, as in the grouping examples below.

Grouping Examples

Illustration of a group of four may basket quilt blocks
Group of May Basket quilt Blocks in a quilt design

Block Construction

Image of the Exploded version of the May Basket Quilt Block
Exploded version of the May Basket Quilt Block

Block Construction

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