9 Patch Quilt Block Unit

9 Patch Quilt Block Unit

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Skill level: Beginner

9 Patch Quilt Blocks are one of the most easily identified grid patterns in quilting.  These blocks are based on a 3x3 grid system.  Some grid systems in nine patch blocks are of equal size, while others may contain a grid in which one column and row is larger than the other two rows.

In either case, the construction is always the same.  First, the 9 individual pieces are cut, then 3 of the units are assembled to create a row, and when three rows have been assembled, they are sewn together to make the block.

Image of Nine Patch Unit
Nine Patch Unit
Image of Nine Patch Unit (exploded)
Nine Patch Unit (Exploded)

Here are some examples of blocks that incorporate a 9-patch unit in their construction:


Irish Chain Blocks
Missouri Puzzle Quilt Block
The Goose In the Pond Quilt Block

Coloring Sheets

Click image to download 9-patch Coloring Sheets

Rotary Cutting Instructions

Shape to cut# of Pieces needed3" Finished6" Finished12" Finished15" Finished