Clay’s Choice Quilt Block

The Clay’s Choice Quilt Block is another fascinating combination of simple squares and Half-Square Triangles. This ingenious placement of shapes and colors creates an elongated pinwheel with an inner pinwheel. It’s a great design element to add “movement” to a quilt.

Grouping Example

When grouped together in a quilt setting, the Clay’s Choice Quilt Block creates some interesting secondary patterns of squares and Jewels.

Grouping of Clay's Choice Quilt Blocks
Grouping of Clay’s Choice Quilt Blocks

(For more Jewel shapes in quilts see the Jewel and Clown’s Choice Quilt Blocks)

Click here to see a Clay’s Choice Quilt scheduled to be auctioned by the Mennonite Relief Sale at the end of May 2018.

Block Construction

Image of Exploded version of The Clay's Choice Quilt Block

Exploded version of The Clay’s Choice Quilt Block

Coloring Sheets

Click to download coloring sheets.

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