Maple Star Quilt Block

Maple Star Quilt Block

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Skill level: Confident Beginner - Intermediate

The Maple Star Quilt block is a unique star design. The star points of the Maple Star Quilt block (comprised of Flying Geese units) are on an equal 9-patch grid while the central unit in the star is base on an unequal 9-patch grid. This configuration gives the illusion of a "wide" star, as opposed to  "narrow" ones like the Ohio Star Quilt Block.

Grouping Example

illustration of a group of Maple Star Quilt Blocks
Quilt design using Maple Star Quilt Blocks

Block Construction

Image of Exploded version of Maple Star Quilt Block
Exploded version of Maple Star Quilt Block

Coloring Sheets

Click to download coloring sheets.
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