Bouquet Quilt Block

Skill level: easy

The Bouquet Quilt Block Pattern is a clean and simple block with a nice Sampler

” data-unique-btn-id=”19″ href=””>Sampler Quilt.” According to her, all the blocks in this book were in use by the 1920’s.

Laurie Aaron Hird's book "The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt"
Laurie Aaron Hird’s book “The Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt”

Grouping Example

illustration of a group of bouquet quilt blocks

Block Construction

The block can be constructed in several ways. A traditional (and more difficult) way is to cut each of the four “flowers” as parallelograms, and sew the block using Y-seams.  However, if the block is divided into the 4×4 grid, it can be assembled rather simply with half square triangles.

Image of Exploded version of the Bouquet Quilt Block Pattern
Exploded version of the Bouquet Quilt Block

The trick to putting this girl together is to first sew the 4-patch square in the upper left corner. Next sew those “lonely” HSTs to the side of the adjacent HST, forming a parallelogram. It’s a little hard to explain in words, so here is a quick video that puts it all together for you:

There you have it! Here is the download link to the pattern:

Coloring Sheets

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