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Category: Iconographic Blocks

This is the archive listing of all Quilt Blocks in the Quilt Block Library assigned to the Patterns Category based on a popular motif or icon.

Baby Basket Quilt Block

Block Construction

Skill level: Intermediate

Image of Exploded version of Baby Basket Quilt Block

Coloring Sheets

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Scotty Dog Quilt Block

Animals are popular themes in quilts. Most of us quilters are animal lovers of some kind, so it isn't surprising that the Scotty Dog Quilt Block has been a quilter favorite for many years. One of my dearest quilting buddies has a pet Scotty dog, and a few weeks back she was on the hunt for a Scotty Dog Quilt Block to use in a project. I was able to round up several varieties, and will be posting them here as I get them illustrated.

The first one is a pieced version designed in a 6x6 grid, so a 6" block can easily be drafted of this design.

Exploded version of a Scotty Dog Quilt Block

Easy Star Quilt Block (6″ Finished)

The Easy Star Block, which finishes at 6", is put together using a freestyle technique.  You don't have to be too careful about seams, as it is created over-sized, then trimmed down. Since stars are a useful element in lots of designs - Christmas quilts, Patriotic projects, and even baby items - knowing how to make this block is a nice skill to have in your toolbox. This block is fun to make, and quicker than paper piecing. (Four blocks can easily be made in less than an hour.)

Block Construction

Illustration of the Easy Star Quilt Block Template
Illustration of the Easy Star Quilt Block Template

A few ideas for how to use the block:

  • Make into a Christmas Pillow
  • Use in the background of a Snowman Applique
  • Use in a border for a Quilt of Valor

Makes four 6" (finished) Easy Star Blocks.

Note: If you want a larger Easy Star Block, enlarge the pattern and cut fabric squares the same size as your enlarged pattern. Or simply redraw to the size you want.  There is roughly a 25% waste with this technique, but this varies based on the size block you make. A 12" square should suffice for a 9.5" unfinished block.

Scrappy Acorn Quilt Block

Looking for an Autumn themed quilt block?  The Scrappy Acorn Quilt Block is a great scrappy project for the beginner and for experienced quilters, too.  It's perfect in table runners or any fall patchwork project.

This block is the creation of Amanda Weatherill of The Patchsmith Blog. Many thanks to Amanda for letting me include it here in my stash of blocks.

You can download Amanda's free pattern for the 6" finished block at this link.


Block Construction

Illustration of Exploded version of scrappy acorn quilt block
Exploded version of scrappy acorn quilt block

Four Little Baskets Quilt Block

Skill level: Confident Beginner

This sweet little Basket block goes by two names: One is the Four Little Baskets and the other is Postage Stamp Basket.  That second name seems a bit unusual, but originally the block was made with 1" squares and 1" HST's.  The exploded version below has been simplified to eliminate all those 1" squares, making it a quick and relatively simple block to make.

One interesting design feature to point out in the grouping example below are the horizontal and vertical rectangles that are created in the negative space when the blocks are grouped in a quilt.

Grouping Example

illustration of a quilt made with Four Little Basket quilt blocks

Block Construction

Click the image below to download the pattern for the Four Little Baskets Quilt Block.

Exploded version of the Four Little Baskets Quilt Block

Coloring Sheets

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