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A Wedding Quilt Using the Sky Pattern by Brigitte Heitland (Zen Chic)

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You may have heard me say that we are busy planning a wedding around here. The big day isn’t until June, but June is approaching VERY fast! One day last fall, I turned to my future daughter and said, “You do realize that there will be a quilt in your future?”

Looking back, I think I could have figured out what kind of quilt she would like, but I didn’t want to risk it. So one evening we sat down and I showed her some Pinterest boards with some modern designs I thought she might like. It didn’t’ take long before I realized that every quilt she liked was designed by Zen Chic, so we headed over to Brigitte’s website and found a pattern.

The pattern she picked was the “SKY” pattern.

Sky Pattern by Brigitte Heitland

Except my girl wanted it all in grays. Which I thought was cool because anyone who watches a flock of geese flying in the sky knows that they look more like gray triangles and less like a rainbow.

I pulled as many grays as I could find in my stash and then made a quick trip to my local quilt store and purchased a sizable number of gray fat quarters. Then I got busy making geese. Here are a few shots of the progress along the way.

Photo of many black and gray Flying Geese Quilt block unites

The pattern calls for about 160 flying geese, I think. (I lost cost!)

Photo of a stack of trimmed flying geese quilt block units beside a yellow Olfa rotary cutter

Then, of course, they all have to be trimmed and tidied up.

Photo of a group of flying geese quilt block units sewn together into a row

I especially had fun fussy cutting the text prints.

Next, all those geese had to be put in rows.

photo of small rows of flying geese quilt block units

Rows of flying geese units

I will say that Zen Chic patterns are wonderful. The directions are clear and it had a very helpful diagram to use when it came time to lay them all out in the design.

Photo of rows of flying geese units hanging on design wall

Once all the rows were together, I realized that the quilt wasn’t very large, so I added borders. Let me say, that this was the trickiest part to making the quilt. And here is why: every edge where I sewed the border was a bias edge, and it was stretchy. I must have measured that thing 4 times before cutting the borders. But in the end, they went on fine.

Now, she’s ready to be quilted, but once I get her back, I will post an update here with the finished product.

Update: Here are some shots of the finished quilt. I chose to have it quilted with a feather design, which I thought was appropriate for a flock of geese!

A closeup shot of the geese and the feather quilting
Closeup photo of Sky Quilt Pattern with white background and gray flying geese
I thought the circles in the feather quilting were a nice contrast to the points in the geese, and helped give the quilt a nice rhythm.
Closeup showing gray binding on a white quilt
The binding is a tiny gray floral, which frames the quilt really well. Not shown is the backing, which is the same floral pattern in a lighter gray.
Photo of a white and gray quilt made from the Sky pattern by Zen Chic

This quilt was very quick and easy to make. On a side note, it generated a bunch of leftover quick corners, which I quickly turned into half-square triangles. I’ve been on a mission to use these up! View this post to see what I made from these leftovers!


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